Producing is about holding the long arc while staying present moment to moment.

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I am Michele Steckler, a producer at heart, expert in leading creative process and collaboration. As a speaker, consultant and facilitator, I create shared learning experiences where people tap into their gifts and develop confidence and courage to follow their unique path toward purpose and empowerment.

My leadership skills were developed over three decades of leading diverse teams across six continents, cultivating a unique range of experiential knowledge in leadership development, communication, team-building and creative process. I played a principal part in the creation and rollout of The Lion King on Broadway and around the world, toured the globe with composer Philip Glass and worked with Eve Ensler on her inaugural V-Day event.

Dedicated to investing in people to awaken personal power and human potential across all generations, I share insights from a life in the theatre that are universally applicable. Partnering on diverse projects in arts and entertainment, business and education, I create space for people to develop the skills and capacity needed to grow and thrive in the 21st century.

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My Guiding Beliefs:

People, Process and Collaboration bring me tremendous joy and live at the heart of my life’s work.

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We all long to have the courage to bring our truest most authentic selves forward. Life is a process and it is in relationship with others that we learn and grow as individuals. Producing is about holding the long arc of a vision while staying present moment to moment. We are all producers with the ability to craft and create our lives.

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The very technology that was designed to connect us is also distancing us, from others as well as ourselves, contributing to an increasingly fractured and divisive world. Face-to-face human connection is essential to building relationships, teams, companies, communities and enduring trust. Like any craft or skill, the art of being human requires practice.

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Investing in people is the most important and impactful investment you can make. Today’s world calls for people of all generations, genders and backgrounds to be operating at full capacity. Everyone has unique gifts and vast potential, and given the right tools and support people feel more connected, purposeful and empowered to create, grow and thrive.

“Michele Steckler is a leader of vision, kindness and inspiration. She has the deepest integrity and careful ways and is truly an artist’s best friend. Lucky those whom she touches.”

Eve Ensler, Tony Award-winning Playwright, Author and Founder of V-Day and One Billion Rising

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Producing Your Life is a Model of Practice

Producing Your Life is a mindset and series of maps and tools that empower people to cultivate a sense of personal agency as they navigate the complexity of being human. Based on concepts used to produce and maintain complex Broadway musicals, this model can be applied to any project or endeavor that calls for people to work together in service of a larger vision or mission. Using simple, accessible language and intuitive concepts, this universal approach is broadly applicable across all sectors, ages and aspects of life and work.

Through practicing this model people are able to:

  • Awaken insight
  • Increase empathy
  • Sharpen discernment
  • Build enduring trust 
  • Cultivate a more open, curious and authentic presence

“To work with Michele Steckler is to feel you have been blessed. She makes visions possible, dreams reality and forces flow. A chance to collaborate with Michele is an opportunity not to be missed.”

Thomas Schumacher
President & Producer, Disney Theatrical Group

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