Like any craft or skill, the art of being human takes practice.

All engagements are custom tailored to meet the needs and goals of each client and designed to reach all learning styles. Whether a keynote, master class or consulting project, I always begin with a process of inquiry to listen and learn about your needs and goals, challenges, opportunities and desired outcomes.

Producing Your Life offerings:

  • Provide maps and tools for use in everyday life and work to navigate the complexity of being human.
  • Create collective settings to practice with others in real-time, face-to-face shared learning experiences.
  • Awaken awareness of inner capacity to cultivate connection, curiosity, confidence and develop a more grounded presence.
  • Promote thriving environments where collaboration, creativity and risk taking are fostered.
  • Encourage authenticity and empathy, and build trust through the practice of listening and power of sharing stories.

“Michele Steckler provides a foundation of attentiveness, expertise, and wisdom, which makes every collaboration more successful, not to mention, more fun.”

David Henry Hwang – Tony Award-winning Playwright; M Butterfly, AIDA, Tarzan

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My goal is always to craft dynamic story-driven talks that educate, entertain and inspire.

  • Audiences
  • Settings
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  • Topics
  • Benefits

Talks can be crafted for senior executives to interns, students, educators, healthcare professionals, social entrepreneurs, artists, advertisers and multi-generational audiences from a wide range of business sectors. I hold a particular passion for multi-generational groups, women, students and young professionals.


At home on stages of all shapes and sizes, talks are adaptable for conferences, corporate retreats, theatres, and high school, college and university campuses.


Custom tailored for each audience and designed to reach all learning styles, talks highlight personal stories, visual models and experiential exercises. I enjoy adapting to a range of formats from keynotes to interactive lectures, panel discussions or fireside chats.


The following sampling of topics can be designed to meet the unique needs and goals of each conference or event.

Producing Your Life: A Guide to Being Human

What’s Your Superpower: Becoming A Change Maker

Are We There Yet: Navigating Transitions

Tuning Your Instrument: Four Leadership Lenses

Multi-Generational Mentoring: Storytelling for a Sustainable Future

The Choreography of Creativity: The Five Pillars of Producing


Audiences leave feeling more: 

  • confident in themselves
  • connected with others
  • engaged with a greater sense of meaning and purpose
  • empowered with new skills and perspective to face challenges with greater clarity

“Michele is both entertaining and inspiring. She’s a born leader controlling the room with her vivacious energy, serene awareness and honesty.”

Kerry, conference attendee

Master Classes:

My master classes provide an opportunity for people to develop skills and practice together with peers and colleagues through a structured collective experience.

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  • Topics
  • Benefits

Master classes are for senior executives to interns, students, educators, administrators, healthcare professionals, social entrepreneurs, artists, advertisers and people of all ages, genders and backgrounds from a wide range of business sectors. I have a particular interest in working with multi-generational groups, women, students and young professionals.


Easily adaptable to a range of spaces, master classes happen at colleges and universities, independent high schools, company offices, theatres, hotels, retreat centers and wherever a group wishes to gather.


Custom tailored and designed to reach all learning styles through a dynamic and interactive approach, master classes incorporate a range of leadership models, maps and tools, visuals and experiential exercises, story sharing, group dialogue and creative practice. Each session is highly experiential and incorporates personal and professional stories from my life in the theatre and beyond.


The following sampling of topics can be designed as a master class, workshop, seminar (or lecture), tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each group and setting.

Leading From The Inside Out 

Access your inner compass and cultivate essential qualities of openness, curiosity, courage and authenticity. Discover key foundational elements in developing your inner leadership capacity. Practice using this highly effective tool that is readily available to everyone. 

Confident Conversations 

Learn how to strengthen your communication skills with a simple model that helps you take responsibility and avoid blame when faced with a difficult conversation. Practice a powerful tool that can be used alone to gain clarity about an issue, or as a roadmap to guide you through a challenging conversation, paving the way for more productive and rewarding outcomes. 

Navigating Transitions and Change 

Explore the anatomy of a transition and learn how to identify the unique challenges in each phase. Develop tools and practices that will strengthen your ability to recognize patterns and create opportunities during times of uncertainty. Craft stories that honor the past, ground in the present and help envision new futures, building your capacity to navigate these challenging yet fertile periods with authenticity and courage. 

Listening and Story: The Invisible Foundation 

Practice the lost art of listening and the power of storytelling, and discover how these essential life and leadership tools build self-awareness, cultivate relationships, align stakeholders and support new beginnings. Strengthen your ability to listen generously and craft clear stories with authenticity in order to engage more deeply with others and build a foundation of trust. 

Creative Process 

Expand your way of thinking about process and results as it applies to a project, job search, life or work transition. Learn how to create space to generate new ideas, build connections and move into action, laying a foundation for sustainable results. Re-frame how you approach development and change, and perhaps re-define what you value most in the process. 

Multi-Generational Mentoring 

Learn about different models of mentoring, from mentoring moments to peer mentoring. Develop an understanding of how inquiry and wisdom can be valued equally in relationships of mutual mentoring. Build awareness and acquire tools to notice and reframe assumptions and strengthen collaboration in multi-generational relationships and groups. 


These collective gatherings enhance relationships and promote deeper connections across teams, companies, campuses and generations. Master classes help participants:

  • Acquire tools to increase inner leadership capacity 
  • Stimulate more effective communication 
  • Awaken insight and clearer intention setting 
  • Build awareness of strengths and growth potential
  • Develop greater focus, discernment and critical thinking skills
  • Strengthen partnerships and promote teamwork 
  • Cultivate natural creativity and collaboration
  • Foster a sense of belonging, joy and purpose

“Michele is a masterful facilitator who creates space for participants to connect deeply and gain fresh perspective on their lives. With authenticity, warmth and humor, Michele infuses her sessions with joy and allows others to have fun along the way.”

Jessica James – Former Director of Development, Grace Institute


I consult and facilitate retreats and workshops for teams, groups and companies seeking support around a specific need or goal.

  • Audiences
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  • Approach
  • Topics
  • Benefits

I bring unique expertise in the world of arts and entertainment and an abiding interest in the field of education. Multi-Generational inclusion, empowering women and young leaders are a particular passion. I also consult with conference organizers to assist them in curating a dynamic experience that meets the goals and objectives of their gathering.


Whether working in a company office, conference center, theatre, college campus or an off-site location, I carefully design environments that support each phase of an engagement.


I approach every consulting project eager to listen and curious to learn about the needs, challenges, opportunities and goals of a group. We then discuss and discern together what type of engagement and process will best support those goals.


Would you like to create a more collaborative work environment that cultivates open and healthy communication? 

Are you tasked with leading a team or company through a complex transition, and wondering how best to support and guide people at every level?

Multi-Generational and Multi-Cultural Connections
Would you like to explore a new story-based integrated approach to diversity and inclusion training?

Are you dedicated to empowering women as leaders and nurturing young women to grow into their full potential? 

Would you like to develop a modern mentoring program that celebrates, mutual mentoring, mentoring moments and individual and collective learning?

Creative Process & Special Projects
Are you looking for someone to support and guide you in exploring, developing and launching a new idea or product or project?

Company Culture
Would you like to develop a company-wide common language and set of tools so people feel equipped and empowered to honestly and respectfully do their best work together?

  • More open, honest and self-aware communication
  • Enhanced focus and productivity 
  • Stronger partnerships, teams and collaborations
  • Deeper sense of belonging and dedication to a shared vision
  • Greater confidence, clarity and willingness to take risks
  • More authentic, energized and joyful people

“I think of Michele Steckler as the person I’d want on my lifeboat. There’s nobody better at listening, faster at identifying challenges and better at offering solutions.”

Rick Elice – Playwright; Jersey Boys, Peter and the Starcatcher, The Cher Show

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“As a speaker Michele Steckler is that rarest of breeds who draws you in because she is so engaging and keeps your focus because she is truly authentic. Michele is as soulful as she is dynamic and her ideas resonate long after you reluctantly part company.”

Ben Famiglietti – Vice President, Creative Development, Disney Theatrical Group

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